Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lifelong Learning 2020?

It is the first UW-Madison campus-wide strategic plan focused on the complete lifelong learner experience. The plan was developed by the Vice Provost for Lifelong Learning with the support and assistance of other campus leaders. The goals of Lifelong Learning 2020 are: to create transformative and meaningful learning experiences, reach more learners, and generate more revenue for UW-Madison.

Who is a lifelong learner?

At UW-Madison, we consider everyone – regardless of age or background – a lifelong learner. We aspire to help more and more people maximize their capabilities and continue learning throughout their entire lives.

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Is lifelong learning something new at UW-Madison?

No, UW-Madison has a long history of supporting lifelong learners in a variety of continuing education programs, program revenue post-baccalaureate degrees and certificates, and nondegree or visitor status dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Over the years the relationship with lifelong learners has been recognized formally and campus units have been created to provide credit and noncredit educational opportunities throughout campus.

In fiscal year 2014, it is estimated that approximately 75,000 lifelong learning enrollments throughout UW‑Madison generated approximately $45 million in lifelong learning revenue.

What are some examples of the specific initiatives that will occur?

Units and subunits have brainstormed hundreds of tactics as part of this strategic planning process.  The launch of LL2020 includes these initial, emerging initiatives.

What is transformative learning?

Transformative learning helps individuals become independent thinkers by negotiating their own values, meanings, and purposes rather than acting on those of other people (Mezirow, 1997). Through transformative learning experiences, UW-Madison students are better prepared to make decisions, be leaders in their industries, and show an increased commitment to lifelong learning.

How can I as a lifelong learner get started today? What lifelong learning programs are available?

Lifelong learning opportunities are available through many programs across campus.