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Include Lifelong Learning in Your Strategic Plan

As your unit is developing or updating your strategic plan, consider ways in which you can add language to include lifelong learning. Here are some sample ideas:

  1. Identify ways to increase credit and/or noncredit lifelong learning opportunities
  2. Prepare faculty to teach an expanded audience such as online courses, adult learners, accelerated learning programs, and an interprofessional audience and to create credit and/or noncredit lifelong learning opportunities
  3. Support the campus Lifelong Learning Strategic Plan
  4. Create new programming, credit, and noncredit courses for lifelong learners
  5. Increase the number of credit and noncredit learning opportunities for lifelong learners
  6. Participate in campus-wide efforts to increase lifelong learners and revenue from lifelong learning
  7. Collaborate with the Division of Continuing Studies to expand credit programming to noncredit audiences.

Utilize National Lifelong Learning Resources