Supporting Initiatives

Making Lifelong Learning a Reality:
Supporting Initiatives

The launch of Lifelong Learning 2020 includes the following initial, emerging initiatives:

Create learner satisfaction, value, and engagement Expand the use of sophisticated market research—Develop the right content at the right time for the right audience at the right price

Innovate for transformative learning Evaluate campus space utilization to deliver lifelong learning programs—Bring lifelong learners to campus spaces that are currently underutilized across campus (evenings, weekends, summers) and better leverage the opportunities available to offer online education

Champion policies to support transformative learning Expand financial aid and scholarship opportunities for lifelong learners—Help adult learners access higher education by overcoming financial barriers

Build a shared lifelong learner relationship management system Develop a campus-wide customer relationship management (CRM) system for lifelong learners—Strengthen lifelong learners’ commitment to UW-Madison by providing rapid and personalized responses, and by tracking their interests, concerns, and requirements

Establish a shared service support infrastructure Deliver automated capability to scale-up blended and online education—Ensure that noncredit learners can, upon registration, immediately gain access to their online courses

Develop common reporting tools Create a common framework for reporting on budgets, finances, and learner enrollments—Improve our ability to measure and analyze the impact of lifelong learning on campus

Form strategic partnerships Align continuing education units—Enhance fiscal  responsibility and better serve lifelong learners by leveraging shared resources